Superman Costumes Through the Years

SUPERMAN – first appeared in 1938 with its iconic blue suit, red cape, red boots, the memorable red underwear and the “S” logo on his chest. One of the all time favorites, Superman is a symbol of hope and strength, and it’s no wonder he’s been called the Man of steel.

In general, the Superman costume design has remained faithful to original 1938 Man of Steel design and was pretty much unchanged throughout the years. For those of us who didn’t see the 1938 classic, we tend to identify the traditional look as the one worn by the amazing actor Christopher Reeves on the trilogy of Superman during the 70s and 80s which is really not much different from the very first Superman costume.

In keeping with the tradition, Superman costume design changes have focused mainly on the details. For example, until the 2006 film Superman Returns, the entire Superman costume was made of a simple color spandex fabric. In Superman Returns, the costume designers introduced a very soft texture on the suit and used darker shades of the traditional blue, red and yellow. With the new Man of Steel  the costume designer went even further with more dramatic changes with the use of a fabric that look more like latex with lots of texture. The Man of Steel Superman costume was darker and more life-like and worked much better on screen, giving Superman a more realistic feeling compared with earlier designs that looked resembled too much the animated image and giving it a “cartoonish” feel. The only Superman depiction that has not worn at all a costume was the 2001 TV show Smallville which worked the concept of superman before he became the superhero we all know.

Some details can have more impact than others of course. The size of “S” has been enlarge and reduced, printed out and made it as a separate surface with texture glued to the suit. The length of the cape has changed from being behind the calves to now being reaching the floor. The complete removal of the red “underwear” was the most significant change on the 2013 remake Man of Steel… Seems like underwear outside is not cool anymore…and I’m fine with that. But no matter what, we love Superman, the man who can fly, the invincible man that no matter how strong and powerful, seems to be just the nice guy next door…

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