Trivia: Did you know… that Snow White is the youngest Disney Princess? She’s only 14!

Halloween is a time for every little girl to choose who they want to be and live their dreams of being royalty. Whether they want to be a smart princess like Belle, or talk to animals like Snow White, or be a Queen with amazing powers like Elsa. There are so many Disney Princess Costumes to choose from. It’s easy for any little girl to find at least one girls princess costumes they love or want to be. Even for the women who miss dressing up in Disney princess costumes. There are so many different types of womens princess costumes to choose from that even the adults can have fun with nostalgia. Here are 10 of the huge selection of Disney princess costumes we have for both girls princess costumes and womens princess costumes.

Aurora Princess Costume

Live once upon a dream with a charming Sleeping Beauty Aurora Costume. Look like you came straight out of Aurora’s ball, even if you just rolled out of bed. The Sleeping Beauty Aurora Costume is a classic Disney costume. It typically features a pink long gown with a white drop shoulder collar and front panel with gold ribbon corset ties as well as a golden choker and a Tiara.

Source: Omarukai from Paris, France – Princess Aurora? Paris Manga 9 -Cosplay- Uploaded by Paris 17 on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

Frozen Elsa Girls Princess Costumes

Turn your little darling into a gorgeous princess with the Frozen Elsa Costume! It usually features a blue dress that reaches to the floor with sheer long sleeves and sparkling details all over. The long sheer drape that is attached at the back makes this costume stunning. Bring this home and your little girl will jump for joy this Halloween!

Source: Oya Costumes Facebook

Trivia: Did you know… that Walt Disney’s favorite animation was Cinderella’s dress transformation?

Cinderella Princess Costume

Cinderella is a classic Disney Princess and a true favourite among girls and adults alike. Her iconic pastel blue dress and blonde bun are recognizable everywhere! Live a fairytale dressed as Cinderella: you don’t need a fairy godmother to transform you into a princess! All you need is a good Disney Princess costume

Source: Oya Costumes Facebook

Belle Princess Costume

Ah, Belle, always with her nose in a book. She’s one of the most inspiring Disney Princesses! Your little princess will shine and sparkle in a Belle Costume. The costume features a glittery yellow dress with golden jeweled trims. Just add some shoes, a tiara and a wand. She’ll definitely look beautiful and charming in this costume. Get her ready to be the Belle of the Ball! Gaston will be no match for this cunning princess.


Trivia: Did you know… that Kristen Bell, who voices Anna from Frozen, had to dress up as Elsa to make her daughter happy?

Ariel Princess Costume

Disney Princess costumes make great family costumes! You can dress up your children as prince, princesses, or as Disney’s many animal sidekicks. This super creative family costume features two versions of Ariel and Prince Eric, as well as a baby Sebastian–how precious! You could also dress up as Ursula and have your daughter dress up as Ariel.


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Ariel Mermaid Princess Costume

Belle Princess Costume

Brave Merida Princess Costume

Cinderella Princess Costume

Aurora Sleeping Beauty Princess Costume

Cinderella Princess Costume

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