1920s Costumes

Have you seen Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris yet?

Remember what happens the night Gil (Owen Wilson) wanders the back streets of Paris alone?

At midnight, a 1920s Peugeot Type 176 car draws up beside him, and the passengers—dressed in 1920s clothing—urge him to join them. They go to a party for Jean Cocteau where Gil comes to realize that he has been transported back to the 1920s, an era he idolizes.

And who wouldn’t want to go back to this era? Even for just one Halloween night!

The Roaring twenties- Les annees folles- jazz, dancing and fashion…

Oya’s got this era all covered- gangsters, flappers, sophisticated ladies, Gatsby…. Even mobsters and their kids!

1920s costumes

And if you prefer assembling your own unique flapper or gangster costume, we’ve got an amazing selection of accessories. Hats for Gangster men and stunning wigs and headbands for the ladies. Feather boas and long gloves in velvet, satin, and even with snap buttons are a must!

The 20’s are all about the details, so check out the 14” cigarette holders. Big boys will love the big cigar and the tommy gun (sound included!).

After you’ve got your costume figured out, learn a few basic Charleston steps to get you dancing through the night.