My Top Costume Choices – Women

yas–By Yasmina A.

With less than 80 days until Halloween, choosing the perfect costume is already creeping on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect costume for October 31st. Add one of the largest costume collections in Canada, and the process becomes even more difficult. So I hand picked some of my favourites for this season.



cinderella picture
Pick #1 :Enchanting Princess

After Disney’s retelling of the beloved story of Cinderella in march this year, princesses have been re-enchanting women and girls of all ages all over again. The modern take on the iconic film has made the charming princess of the 50s a relatable woman of the 21st century. Beautiful gowns as well as regal dresses will no doubt be a popular pick this season. This costume in particular looks like it stepped right out of a fairytale that only Walt Disney could imagine. Shop for Princess costumes at Oya Costumes.








Pick 2 : Kittle Kangaroo Adult Onesie

Three years ago, the onesie exploded on the scene and has become a lasting staple ever since.  At this point, not owning a onesie is downright absurd. Unlike many other trends, it has continued to be the costume of choice because of its comfort and flamboyant silliness. Its polar fleece fabric also makes it a practical choice to deal with the harsh reality that is October weather. The Kangaroo is my personal favourite, but when it comes to an animal onesie, you really can’t go wrong. Find this other animal onesies at Oya.

kangaroo onesie





Pick 3 : Midnight Vampiress

Elegance is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this costume. The floor-length dress is a show-stopper without being too revealing, striking a perfect balance. Also available in plus size, the Midnight Vampiress is your classic costume pick this season. This choice will be one you will never regret. After all, isn’t Halloween supposed to be about monstors, ghouls and vampires? Find the Midnight Vampiress costume here.













Pick 4 : ‘Dames Like Us’ Flapper Dress

For those of you who are looking to be a little cheeky this Halloween, this flapper dress is your go-to. With almost a century since Fitzgerald’s novels changed American literature, channelling the 1920s will always be tasteful and a little naughty. Here at Oya Costumes, we have a vast selection of flapper dresses, but this recent addition to our collection really caught my eye. The deep red sequins and details at the hem of the dress really sets it apart. If ever the sequins become too overwhelming, the costume is also reversible, meaning that it is also accident proof. If ever someone spills a drink on your dress, you don’t need to worry about it ruining your night. Be sure to add a boa, a head piece and a drink to complete your look. In Fitzgerald’s words, too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right. Shop here.