Top Dinosaur Costumes

emily–By Emily S.

Ask any little boy what his favorite animal is: chances are his answer will be “dinosaur!” Dinosaurs are wonderful, popular costumes for adults too, whether it be for a costume party, a bachelor party, or just to have fun with your little dino-loving boy. Are you a Jurassic Park fan? Our Dinosaur Costumes are made for you! As for dragons, they have always been a popular costume choice. And it’s easy to see why: they fly, swim, sometimes breathe fire, and in some cases, have mystical powers. Dragons are easily one of the coolest creatures you can imagine, which is why they’re everywhere in popular culture, from fairytales to movies to shows like Game of Thrones.

Dinosaur costumes are forever a popular Halloween choice for children as well for adults, but a dragon costume probably come pretty close in popularity terms. Besides Halloween, you can wear these Dinosaur costumes for birthdays, children parties or play pretend when friends come over. There are so many popular and lovable dragon and dinosaur characters in movies, comics, and TV shows to chose from that we carry, click here to see the whole collection. But here are our top 10 most popular Dinosaur costumes and dragon costumes:

Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Child Costume

Who has not seen the inflatable T-Rex doing pranks, whether skating or working out at the Gym? It is no surprise that these T-Rex costumes are a favorite with kids and adult alike this Halloween, even earning the most popular adult dinosaur costume accolade.

Take a trip back through time with Dinosaur and Dragon Costumes…

Adorable Dragon Costume for Toddler
Who have not been fascinated by the mythology of a fire breathing dragon or was it a mythology? This dragon costume comes with crimson red reptile skin print bodysuit with golden belly sweet print. The attached tale that resembles a flame, the imposing wings, and the adorable character hood with “fearsome” eye, snout and teeth detail complete the Dragon look. This dragon comes in toddler size for the 12 month and 18 month old and will remind the little ones of Mushu, the sweet red dragon from the animated movie Mulan.
Pterodactyl Fossil Jumpsuit Toddler Costume

If you wondering what is a Pterodactyl, add this to your vocabulary. This flying reptile is dated back to the Jurassic period. the costume comes with beautiful attached wings and with its black and white color will certainly appeals to the young one who want to participate in a scary Halloween show. A popular dinosaur costume for Halloween with the young ones no doubt!

Prehistoric Fun for Halloween!

Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Dino Adult Costume

A green dinosaur jumpsuit with red spikes on his back and head is cute enough, but since Yoshi is a character from Super Mario Bros, the video game we all played and continue to play, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular adult dinosaur costumes. We also offer a child version for those looking for a matching concept.
T-Rex Green Dinosaur Costume

Every year, this green T-Rex dinosaur makes it not only among the most popular dinosaur Halloween costumes but invariable he is one of the most popular toddler costume that sells out. The jumpsuit with a lizard printing and big head with imposing teeth, and claw details and lovely tails will no doubt continue to appeal to new toddler again this year.


Me N’ My Dino Costume

A popular dinosaur Halloween costume that you won’t put away. The jumpsuit comes with a caveman top with an attached green dinosaur front and tail. A really cute concept for this Halloween!
Raptor Dinosaur Pet Costume

We love costumes for pets too! Our beloved dogs can join the fun and transform in a scary creature. The extended scary arms makes this Dinosaur pet costume just adorable!
Skylanders Giants Spyro Dragon Costume

Spyro is a character from the same name video game series and is definitely one of the coolest items on our dragon and dinosaur costumes list.