Like many things, unicorns vary in appearance with specific populations and religion. The Bible speaks of an animal called re’em, and different versions call it a unicorn. What exactly is a unicorn? The ancient Greeks believed a unicorn to be a horse like a creature with a spiral-shaped horn on its forehead. In Europe, it is a horse like or goat-like creature with bisected hooves and a horn on its forehead. During the Renaissance, popular belief saw unicorns as wild creatures full of purity and grace that only virgins could capture. And today, unicorns are still popular! On Halloween, you’ll see plenty of people wearing a unicorn costume!

Unicorn in Noah's Ark

Unicorns are seen climbing aboard Noah’s arch on a fresco in San Maurizio church in Milan. Source: Warburg on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

It is not clear if the unicorn did exist, but more than ten countries acknowledge it by using it as heraldic charges or supporters in their flags and arms. April 9th was even declared national unicorn day; people celebrate it by baking rainbow cupcakes, wearing colourful clothes, and posting on social media with the hashtag #NationalUnicornDay. Unicorns are not only celebrated on 9th of April, but are also seen during Halloween celebrations, as unicorn costumes are a very popular choice. There are many unique costumes to choose from, ranging from the classic white unicorn costume to the colourful zombie unicorn costume to the spooky zombie unicorn costume. Eager to learn more about these fantastical beings? Some exciting facts about unicorns are stated below.

1-Stories about unicorns have been around for longer than you would think

Unicorns are mentioned nine times in the Bible and are related to an extinct species of wild ox. It was believed by ancient scientists that unicorns existed during the time of Adam and Eve, but died during the time of the flood.

Some historical figures believed that they have seen or had an encounter with unicorn; for instance, according to the legend, Mongol leader Genghis Khan met a unicorn as he and his army were marching on India. He saw this as a sign and turned back immediately. To give another example, Ctesias was a Greek historian who wrote the first Western description of this mythological being. Ctesias thought the unicorn was a colorful creature, and described it as having a dark red head and a horn on its forehead.

2-Unicorns have supernatural powers


Source : Bettina Rateitzak on Wikimedia Commons – own work, CC BY 3.0

Those who believe in unicorns say that the creature has some supernatural abilities and strengths. It is said you can’t lie to a unicorn, as they can see through people’s hearts and minds. The spiral horn found on the forehead of the unicorn is supposed to neutralize poison and this inspired people to make utensils using the “unicorn” horns—although there is no proof that the horns they used belonged to actual unicorns. These horns may have actually been narwhal tusks, as these were often sold as “unicorn horns”.

Some communities believe that the unicorn has the power to heal wounds, and that if you placed the horn on a wound, it would heal. During the dark ages, it was assumed that unicorns had the power to prolong life and that someone who possessed a part of the unicorn would live for a very long time. Works of fiction also frequently associate unicorns with healing and longevity. In the Harry Potter series, for instance, unicorn blood makes the person who drinks it immortal—albeit at great cost.

3-No one can agree about what unicorns look like

unicorn 3

The Fontaine de la Licorne in Saverne, France, photo by Pradigue on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Depictions of unicorns vary from legend to legend and community to community. Indeed, each community that the unicorn is associated with it has their own version of what a unicorn looks likes. Because there are no real pictures to back up these descriptions, no one really agrees what the mystical look like.

Ctesias, Aristotle, Aelian, and Pliny agreed on one thing: according to them, unicorns have one horn on their forehead. Ctesias described it as being multicolored, with a red head, and Aristotle believed there were two types of unicorn: one was the Indian oryx, and the other was an Antelope. Strabo, a Roman geographer, mentioned a horse like a creature with one horn and a stag-like head that supposedly lived in ancient India.

4-The unicorn is celebrated all over the world

Unicorns have their special day. On the 9th of April each year, there are always celebrations to mark national unicorn day. People make and eat unicorn-themed food such as rainbow cakes, wear unicorn clothing and put up unicorn decorations.

Unicorns are also present in Halloween celebrations as part of the costumes worn by people. One could merely wear a unicorn horn as a costume or opt for the ever-popular unicorn onesie. Looking for unicorn costume ideas? Take a look at our picks below!

5-Unicorns are featured everywhere in popular culture

Unicorn book

Image by Gina 79unicorn on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

Unicorns have been featured in almost all genres of movies: kids’ movies, adventure movies, horror movies… The UK science fiction film Forbidden Planet tells the story of a virgin who has the power to tame a unicorn. This is based on a popular belief about unicorns: only virgins can approach and tame this magical beast.

6-Unicorn costumes are a popular choice for Halloween

unicorn 4

Image credit: acedout via Flickr on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Unicorn costumes are popular with both girls, boys, men, and women. Because of fairy tales and TV shows, children love colourful unicorn costumes, and for adults, full unicorn masks were made popular by memes and viral videos. Unicorn onesies are also a great choice for those who want to stay comfortable and warm during Halloween. A unicorn horn, mane, and tail are some of the costume accessories that can be used to make a DIY unicorn costumes. You can be anything you want on Halloween; why not a magical unicorn? Scroll down to see some of our favourite unicorn costumes.

7- Unicorns are the national animal of Scotland

The Scots are famed for being lovers of legends and myths. It is no wonder, then, that they love the unicorn to the extent of making it a national animal and celebrating it on 9th of April each year. Unicorns are known to be fierce and robust but also pure of heart, making them well-loved animals of legend, as people look up to these values.

8- People made a lot of money thanks to “unicorn horns”

During the ancient times, “unicorn horns” (which were, as mentioned earlier, usually narwhal tusks) fetched a right amount of money as they were worth ten times more than gold. There are stories about German merchants who sold unicorn horns to the pope for £18,000! Since people believed in its medical properties, the unicorn horn, usually in powdered form, was sold in pharmacies up until the 18th century.

9- Lascaux: the first depiction of a unicorn?

According to history, the first ever unicorn to be seen was in a painting in 15,0000 BCE. This painting was found in France in a cave called Lascaux. Others believe it was not precisely a unicorn but a kind of bovine that had its horns close together.

10-Unicorn believers can go on quests to find unicorns

Most people today dismiss unicorns as beings of legend, and while the Unicorn Hunters organisation stopped being active in 1987, if you firmly believe that they are real, you can still get a Unicorn Questing License or Unicorn Hunting permit from the Lake Superior State University!


Looking for Unicorn Costume ideas? Take a look at our selection of Unicorn Costumes!


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Unicorn costume toddler

Do you need an idea for your little one’s unicorn costume? This Rainbow Toddler unicorn costume might just be perfect! With pompoms, fluffy faux-fur linings, and a pretty rainbow skirt, this costume is sure to make your toddler smile. It’s a great costume if you want your child to have a magical Halloween!


For an Angelic Unicorn Costume: Toddler Unicorn Costume

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For a Viral Unicorn Costume: Unicorn Latex Mask

Unicorn costume maskYou may have seen the videos of people wearing these horse or unicorn latex masks for pranks.  Join in the fun with your very own unicorn mask! Of course, you don’t have to wear it on its own: this beautifully detailed mask is also great if you need to complete your unicorn costume. This mask features a mono unicorn horn, unicorn ears, big blue eyes, and a detailed muzzle. Add mystical allure to your Halloween look by wearing this Deluxe Unicorn Latex Mask!