Top Halloween Plus Size Costumes

Halloween is a time to be celebrated by all; who doesn’t love the chill in the night, the festive decorations sprinkled around the neighborhood, a wide array of candy to gorge on, innovative costumes, and trick-or-treating? Remember being a young child and getting asked by numerous peers and adults the infamous question, “What are you going to be?” That was a trademark question in the fall season and still follows many of us into adulthood. Costumes are the staple of Halloween; they are a blank slate to unleash your wildest imagination on! Children used to have the largest selection of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect costume. Now more adults too, in any size, will find their unique and distinctive costume.

We are carrying this year an even larger variety of plus size costumes for all Halloween goers. From classic vampires, ghosts, and witches, to new TV and movies show like Game of Thrones, Avengers, Minions, to Video games or occupations like Nurse and Doctor, the choice for plus size costumes has never been so extensive.

Here is our pick of the Top 10 Plus Size Costumes for Halloween.

Men Plus Size Costumes and Women Plus Sized Costumes

Day of the Dead Costumeskele

We love Day of the Dead costume concept for Halloween, so ghoulish yet so colorful. The men’s costume is a smart suit fit for a king with cummerbund and a tie. The women dress is a sleek black dress with off the shoulder opening and a skeleton print. Don’t forget the face make up, a must to complete the look. Skeleton and Day of the Dead outfits are a perfect choice!
Popeye and Olive

Popeye the sailor with his love of spinach is an all time classic TV show that everybody will recognize. Here we have Popeye with his sailor shirt and inflated arms with tattoo and a sailor hat. Olive, his love interest comes with the authentic looking red and black dress and the bun back wig. A classic choice for Halloween plus size costumes.

Flapper Baby

The 1920’s never ceases to fascinate us with the gangster men and their machine guns and the ladies in their dainty dresses. Here is an exquisite flapper dress in plus size, so elegant and pretty, in blue velvet and sequin fringes. Our gangster men is a classic striped suit with white tie.

Superheroes Costumes

Everybody has their favorite super heroes. But this year, with the Batman Dawn of Justice movie, Wonder Women is certainly one of our favorites with her red cape and red and blue costume. For men you have your choice of Batman or Superman, both available in plus costumes.
Vampire and Vampiress Costume


Prepare to suck blood with these elaborate vampire and vampires costumes. We love the traditional Vampire costume with a beautifully lined cape. And our vampiress comes with glamorous chic black lace and a skirt with a side opening, just the right amount to captivate. Both are available in Plus size costumes. Become a stunning, yet deadly vampire this Halloween!

Alice in Wonderland

Mad hatter and Alice in Wonderland is a classic Halloween concept. Our Mad Hatter can be as colorful or dark as you choose. And so many choices for ladies between Alice, the Red queen or even the Cheshire Cat. Our choice for Alice in Wonderland for plus size Halloween costumes is this cool Dark Mad Hatter in black and white with all completely coordinated, complete with his tie, pants and hat. We are matching him with a sensuous Royal Red Queen featuring a delightful puffy skirt and an elegant headpiece. Let the wonderland party begin: step behind the looking glass with Alice in Wonderland Costumes!

No Halloween party is complete without a pirate and we certainly have many choices in pirates in plus costumes. We choose this Premier Pirate Costume, from the Elite collection of Incharacter, a favorite among our clients as comes all complete with his boot top, sash and scarf. For the ladies the Deckland Darling is another Elite Costume, and a nice match for our Pirate Premier. Then again, a wench look is also fun and sassy with a shorter front skirt and delicate lace on the top. Yo, oh, oh, and a pirate costume!

Bring in the clowns. Ain’t no heartache that can’t be cured with a laugh. These clown costumes are wonderfully multi colored and just fun. Both are available in plus costumes. Add in make-up, wigs and few props to finish the show.
Doctor and Nurse


Not into horror and prefer something less scary? That is okay too! Get ready to save lives with this Doctor and Nurse Costumes, a fun concept with a great value.