My Top Halloween Choices – Mens Costumes

yas–By Yasmina A.

With less than 90 days to Halloween, choosing the perfect men costumes is already creeping on many minds, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect costume for October 31st. We’ve gone through all of our inventory for you to handpick some of our favourites men’s costumes for this season.


Pick #1 : Man-Eating Shark Costume

If anyone is as obsessed as I am with all things sharks, then this is the perfect costume for you. Whether you’re trying to channel Sharknado or the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week it’s a good choice. Looking at it, I’m still trying to figure out how exactly the costume works… Regardless, it definitely stands out and is perfect for anyone seeking some attention or trying to get a few laughs. Find the Man Eating Shark here.

Pick #2 : Austin Powers Dr. Evil Costume


Austin Powers will always be one of my favourite movies. Mike Meyers, standing proof of Canadian talent, makes everyone laugh with both silly gags and brilliant puns. Dr. Evil, who spent years in med school so that he could be called Dr. Evil, not Mr. Evil is an iconic choice for Halloween. Shop for Dr. Evil costumes here.

Pick #3: Dragon Warrior King Men Costumes


With its record number of viewers, Game of Thrones has maintained an active international fanbase since its very first episode. In other words, if you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out. This Dragon Warrior King Costume is inspired by the characters found in Westeros and Essos. This is definitely on my list this Halloween! Shop here for the Dragon Warrior King costume.

Pick #4 : Captain Jack Sparrow Costume


No matter how many years pass, Pirates of the Caribbean and particularly Jack Sparrow have been a popular reference point for pirates. This costume, whether you want to be Captain Jack Sparrow or a regular pirate, is the best pirate costume I’ve come across. Don’t settle for a subpar costume this Halloween. Shop for Pirates of the Caribbean costumes at Oya Costumes!