My Top Halloween Choices – Halloween Kid Costume

yas–By Yasmina A.

Choosing the perfect Halloween Kid costume must be creeping on everyone’s mind, and rightfully so. The only thing more complicated and meticulous than finding an outfit for a night out is finding the perfect kid costume for October 31st. I’ve gone through all of our inventory for you to handpick some of my favorites Kid costume and toddler costume.



Pick #1 : Lil Monster Costume

Choosing one Halloween costumes for kids may have been one of the toughest selections ever. Here at Oya Costumes, we have tons of costumes for little ones that are so adorable. When it comes to babies, you can only make them cuter. This costume is especially fluffy and cute, which is why it’s my first choice. Check out the Lil Monster costume.

Pick #2 : Batman Blue Muscle Chest

Any young boy is bound to, at some point, go through a superhero phase. Men in capes, saving the world with their incredible powers, what’s not to love? Batman, an generational icon, is one of the more mysterious yet humane super heroes and this Halloween costumes for kids is the creme de la creme of batman costumes. In other words, its the best of the best when its comes to boys’ costumes.

Pick #3: Monarch Butterfly

This butterfly kid costumes is utterly enchanting and will sweep any girl off her feet. I remember as a young girl wanting to own just about every costume I came across, so this was a difficult selection as well. Butterflies are unanimously loved for their delicacy, which makes it a popular choice for costumes as well. The lush flower head piece and butterfly wings are included which is why this costume is on my list!

Pick #4 : Pirate Babe

In my experience, it can be really tricky for teenage girls to find the perfect costume. Trying to not look conservative or too revealing, while finding a costume that’s not too simple but doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard is a challenge we all know too well. This Pirate babe is a Halloween staple, but this one has an added flare with the golden details. It is also not too revealing for the average teenage, while not being overly conservative. In other words, this costume solves all of the dilemmas that come with Halloween costumes. Not to mention, pirate costumes are a beloved classic!



Pick #6: Toddler Witch

You really can’t find a more classic Halloween costume than a witch costume… There are many different kinds of witches out there, and this one happens to be absolutely adorable. This cute little witch will be a perfect fit for your mischievous toddler! The Crafty Lil Witch Costume, with its oversize buttons, orange trims, and polka dots, is a great mix of cute, classic, and chic.


Pick #8: Supergirl Child

Some little girls dream of being a princess. Others have bigger dreams. Personally speaking, Supergirl is my favorite superhero: she’s strong, powerful, and dead set on doing the right thing and protecting her city and her friends. In short, she’s an amazing role model, one that your little girl will love dressing up as. Watch her confidently soar up, up and away with this costume!


Pick #9: Harry Potter Child

R10827Z_3Even in the Muggle World, Harry Potter is one of the most famous wizards out there. Many of us grew up reading the books and watching the movies; his adventures at Hogwarts still make young boys and girls dream today. And who wouldn’t dream of going to Hogwarts, and learning about Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts instead of geometry and calculus? Harry Potter costumes have always been popular, and your little boy will love this Premium Harry Potter Robe. Don’t forget to take a look at our accessories to find him a beanie or a scarf so he can show his house pride! In addition (and even more importantly), he’ll need some glasses to really look like his favorite wizard.