Before you get your very own Voodoo costumes, you might like to know a bit more about Voodoo. That’s what I’m here for! Our views of Voodoo are very influenced by popular culture, movies, songs, shows, and sadly, historical racism and discrimination. The kind of voodoo magic you often see featured in movies, with witch doctors and voodoo dolls, is a mashup of quite a few different religions and traditions. Haitian Vodou and Louisiana Voodoo and Hoodoo, which are different from, for instance, West African Vodun, seem to have influenced the public’s imagination the most—but as this article from the Huffington post explains, they are not always accurately represented. Be aware of this while you look for a Voodoo or witch doctor costume!

This article will periodically use the term ‘witch doctor’ as it is often used to refer to Voodoo costumes. However, keep in mind that this term originally comes from other cultures and is not traditionally associated with Voodoo, Vodou, or Vodun. Voodooists, witches, pagans, witch doctors, etc. are all different things!

Voodoo costumes are inspired by Haitian Vodou

Haitian Vodou altar created during a festival for the Guede spirits, Boston, MA. Top right area is offerings to Rada spirits; top left to Petwo spirits; bottom to Gede. Photo by Calvin Hennick, for WBUR Boston, on Flickr, and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0


Voodoo Costumes influences: Voodoo dolls and popular characters

For instance, you might be tempted to get a Voodoo Doll to go along with your Voodoo costumes. If you do, then you should know that these dolls actually come from Hoodoo. Their purpose was not to curse people: they are a form of gris-gris and were traditionally used to bless. The Voodoo doll as we think of it, used to hurt or curse a person from a distance, comes from movies and songs. It’s really more similar to the poppet, an artefact from traditional witchcraft which, for instance, was important during the Salem Witch Trials! Similarly, the association of Voodoo with zombies, animal sacrifices, and such, derives from racist and discriminatory views of Voodoo dating back to the 1800s.


Doctor Facilier Witch Doctor Costume

A Doctor Facilier Witch Doctor Costume. Photo by Lauren Javier on Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Popular characters like Doctor Facilier from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog also influence Voodoo costumes or witch doctor costumes. Did you know he’s inspired by the Baron Samedi, a prominent figure of Haitian Vodou? Important figures such as Louisiana Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau also influenced popular culture. In fact, because of her popularity, she’s a character in Season Three of the popular TV show American horror story!


Photo by Howdy! Deirdre on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Voodoo is a fascinating mix of cultures and traditions. Feel free to do more research about the different religions that inspired Voodoo before getting a witch doctor costume. Once you’ve done that, take a look at our collection of Voodoo costumes!

Voodoo Costumes: Voodoo Magic Witch Doctor Costume

witch doctor costume Baron SamediInspired by many traditional Voodoo, Vodou, and Vodun symbols, this witch doctor costume is reminiscent of the Baron Samedi figure. This gorgeous costume features a black top hat with a white eye symbol, green hat ties, a red printed vest, a long black jacket with a shredded hemline, a spooky bone and skull belt, two sheer waist ties, and a scary monkey hand necklace. What will you use your voodoo powers for?

Voodoo Doll Costume – Cozy Voodoo Costumes

Voodoo Costumes CozyNo need to sacrifice style for comfort with this cool cozy voodoo doll costume! This short, black fleece dress features a front zipper, a big red heart on the front, decorative stitches, stick pin accents with colourful pompoms acting as pinheads and a hood with button eyes.

Voodoo Doll Costume – Scary Voodoo Costumes

Voodoo Doll costumeDo you want to look unique and real scary this Halloween? Then wear this Voodoo Dolly Womens Costume! This creepy outfit includes a short grey dress with ragged hemline, ruffled neckline, puffed sleeves, and a heart, stitches, and snake prints. Printed matching pantyhose, novelty stick pins, and a heart pin with a “broken heart” print complete the outfit. Just wear it, and everyone will run in fear!

Voodoo Costumes for Couples

Voodoo Costumes coupleVoodoo costumes are very “in” this year… Have some fun with this trend and dress up with your partner! These spooky Voodoo costumes features a Voodoo Witch Costume and a Voodoo Priest Costume and will make a stunning couple’s costume!

Witch Doctor Costume for Men

Witch Doctor Costume Adult You’ll become a skilled voodoo warlock with this witch doctor costume! You’ll be able to create gris-gris, cast charms and curses, and most of all, stun everyone this Halloween in this beautiful Men’s costume. It features a long brown jacket, a light brown vest with golden buttons and an attached skeleton print shirt front, and dark pants. Now that you’ve got your Voodoo costume,use your powers responsibly!

Hex Voodoo Costume

Voodoo CostumeDon’t cross this Voodoo Queen, or she might just cast a hex on you! Step into the world of Voodoo with this cool Hex Women’s costume. It features a witchy-looking tattered dress with a black belt decorated with a skull. You’ll cast spells and bewitch your friends in this costume. Add a witch doctor headband (sold separately) and some skull necklaces (not included) for a spooky touch!

Voodoo Earrings

Voodoo Costumes earringsGet these gorgeous Bronze Skeleton Voodoo Earrings to complete any voodoo or skeleton costume! They feature 4 skulls with crossbones hanging off of a Holed semi-circular plate.