Favorite Warcraft Costumes

You have seen the movie and been thinking of dressing in warcraft costumes? Image the drums of war are beating as the Orc Horde sweeps into Azeroth. Pushed on by the fiendish warlock Gul’dan and his twisted Fel magic, the Horde will stop at nothing to conquer this new world. Luckily, heroes rise from within Stormwind to take the fight back to them and save their home. King Llane, Anduin Lothar, the hapless wizard Khadgar – they stand against the onrushing darkness in the final hour. Together with Medihv the Guardian, they fight to protect the world that they love. And finally, so can you with these costumes!

But there are those among the Horde who sense that things are not as they appear. The honorable Durotan, leader of the Frostwolves, and his closest friend Orgrim Doomhammer suspect that Gul’dan has a darker purpose, one that will consume the Orcs and lead them to ruin. They then face the ultimate challenge: stop Gul’dan and save the Orcs from oblivion!


Lothar Warcarft Costumes
One of the greatest heroes of the first war, Lothar is King Llane’s champion abroad and leads the armies of Azeroth. He wears the great armor of the Brotherhood of the Horse, a knightly order renowned for both honor and bravery, as he faces down the Horde for his people. Take on the role of this noble hero and lead the Alliance to victory! A favorite Warcraft costumes, available in both Adult and Child sizes.

King Llane Warcarft Costumes
Heavy is the head that wears the crown, but King Llane does so with compassion. Unlike many of his advisors, he sees the Orcs as a people in need rather than a pack of beasts to be slaughtered. He is not afraid to enter the fray, however, as his people need him. The armor of King Llane stands out among any crowd and is guaranteed to impress soldiers and party-goers alike! King Llane costume in Child and Adult sizes are available.

Durotan Costumes
Arguably the truest hero in Warcraft, the leader of the Frostwolf Clan sacrifices everything to care for his people. He is both a strong leader and a kind father, reflecting his deep commitment to his clan. Don’t be fooled, though, he is also a powerful warrior. He cuts an imposing figure and towers over his enemies! For the ultimate Warcraft costumes, adults have their choice of either the durotan costume Deluxe or Prestige costumes – be sure to get his legendary axe as well for the ultimate experience. Also available in Child and as a standalone Mask.

Orgrim Warcarft Costumes
Another remarkable Warcraft costumes, Orgrim is Durotan’s second-in-command and closest ally, and he works with him to protect the Frostwolf Clan. He follows Durotan against the Fel powers of Gul’dan and proves himself a capable leader in his own right. Like Durotan he is dedicated to his people and wants nothing more than to give them a home that they can be proud of. Stand with your Warchief and show them that no one defeats an ORc! Available in Adult and as a standalone Mask.