Oh, the holidays… always busy, usually stressful, and never dull. Between the office party, dinner with the in-laws, visiting aunt Myrtle’s organic farm in Vermont, and Christmas…well, needless to say, it is totally likely that you will be pooped by New Year’s Eve. That, my friend, is preposterous! You mustn’t start off your year on a tired foot! We here at Oya are firm believers in The PNYTP: that is to say, The Perfect New Year’s Theme Party. It remedies any and all holiday fatigue. Quick, grab one of these costumes and head over to your neighbours’ Disco themed cocktail party! Trust us, you will make the whole block wanna boogie!

Disco Diva Costume







Brave the cold in your biggest parka so that you can peel it off at the party to reveal this cute, simple Disco Diva dress! With its mesmerizing swirls and cute matching headband, this little number is sure to win the hearts of many a Beegee!






Discolicious Woman



Hold on one moment, partner. I believe there is a new mistress on this dance floor…and she ain’t here to square dance. In this outrageous and sassy Discolicious costume, your command of the dance floor will be immediate – and irrevocable.









Saturday Night Fever Costume






This man has got a fever…that only a sweet Saturday Night dance party can cure. In his sweet pleated white pants and matching suit and vest combo with super sexy black collar, who can resist this party animal? We know we can’t. We got his number. Sigh, we are shameless.



Groovy Chick Adult






This impossibly cute number will help you make heads turn and lure any wallflower onto the floor for a boogie. With it sweet high neckline, cut out collar plate, and fun geometric pattern, it will transport you back to the seventies in no time! Who knew time travel was this easy – and cute!





Disco Sleazeball




There’s always one of them at the party. The guy who’s standing to the punch bowl, sporting a massive mustache and way too revealing button-down shirt(please, just the top button stays open dude, come ON) asking poor, unsuspecting young ladies if it hurt when they fell from heaven. But who knows, maybe under this absolutely RIDICULOUS Disco Sleazeball costume lies a heart of gold…his shirt is open, check if his chest is shining!

(…from a distance.)











All hail, her most royal and majestic highness, her most gracious and boogiest lady of the dance floor, The Dancing Queen.This Disco Doll is the most luminous gal around – how many people do you know who can pull off a sparkly onesie with bell-bottoms? Throw on the belt and you’re ready to party! All hail! All hail!



Supa Mac Daddy






Last but definitely not least, we have have the slick master himself, the man all the ladies want and all the men want to be, the one and only Supa Mac Daddy. In his sweet and stylish matching black velvet pants, jacket and leopard hat, he spices up any room he’s in with only a flash of his gold toothed grin. Get yourself a swanky can and your transformation is totally complete!