As the days are shortening and the temperature is dropping, we are all feeling autumn creep up on us. No need to fret! Here at Oya Costumes, we’re excited for sweater weather, leaves changing colour and most especially… pumpkin pie! While we’re inside with our warm drinks, why not sit down at your computer and check out some of our oh-so-scary, oh-so-Halloweeny witch costumes, which we carry both Womens Witch Costumes and Girls Witch Costumes! The witch is the most classic Halloween number, alongside the cat, ghost and pumpkin.

Witchcraft has historically been defined as the ability to influence someone else’s mind or body involuntarily. Powerful, prophetic, enchanting and mysterious, witches have epitomized the Halloween spirit for years. In Christianity and Islam, spell-casting was also viewed as heretical and was overwhelmingly associated with women. In recent years, many women have reclaimed this image, as this interesting article explains. Rather than ignoring the dark history associated with witches, many have chosen to embrace it and redefine it. Today, there are possibly as many as 1 million pagans in the United States alone. To learn more, here are 9 things you may not know about real-life American Witches. Witch costumes are making a comeback this season and are more interesting than ever.

Here at Oya Costumes, we’ve looked through our huge selection of Womens witch costumes and Girls Witch Costumes to find the best of the best. Here are a few that caught our eye this season. All of them have a unique little feature to make you cackle – in style, of course. And if these don’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry! We have TONS of witch costumes and accessories ready for the choosing.

Classic Womens Witch Costumes

Classic Witch Costume

This choice of witch costume is as classic as it gets!  This outfit features a floor-length black and green dress with a corset-inspired lace up front. The flared sleeves also keep this costume on trend. If you don’t feel like overthinking your costume, but still want to look properly immersed in the Halloween spirit, our Classic Womens Witch Costumes are your best bet!

Scary Witch Costumes

Salem Witch Costume

Come back from the dead and get ready to haunt those who hung you in this Salem Witch Costume. Witches are meant to be scary after all! This costume includes the black full length dress,  bloody collar, classic witch hat and noose. With all of these accessories, you will look just like the 17th century Salem witches.

Playful Witch Costumes

Bewitching Witch Costume

If these two options feel top heavy for you, we have no shortage of fun, playful witch costumes. This Bewitching Witch Costume is a more polished, glamorous spin. Featuring a classic style black mini dress in a ruffled miniskirt, the costume comes with a velvet collar and tulle puff sleeves. Add a witch groom, stocking and black gloves to complete the look.

Toddler Girls Witch Costumes

Crafty Lil' Witch Costume

Finally, don’t leave out the little ones! This Crafty Lil’ Witch Costume is one of the cutest costumes we have. This pretty ensemble comes with a black dress with decorative orange trimming and white and black striped long sleeves. It also comes with a classic black pointed hat with sheer polka dot bow. It’s a classic, pretty, and magical outfit that is perfect for your beautiful baby!

Girls Witch Costumes

Girls Witch Costumes

This Halloween, dress up your little girl with this charming Fairytale Witch Costume! This lovely girl costume features an elegant black dress with attached violet and silver grey-striped apron that is designed with a cute black kitty. The Fairytale Witch Costume comes with a matching pointed hat detailed with artsy silver laces.

Voodoo Girls Witch Costumes

Voodoo Girls Witch Costumes

This cool Voodoo Charm Tween costume will be perfect for your teen’s next Halloween party. Your child can transform into a Voodoo sorceress with this costume including a black top hat decorated with bones and a skull, a black jacket decorated with voodoo symbols with an attached red vest, a spooky bone necklace, black fingerless gloves, and black leggings decorated with pentagrams, voodoo dolls and voodoo symbols. Add a little face paint and a voodoo sorceress staff to complete this New Orleans Voodoo inspired costume!