Incredibles 2 is coming out June 15–that’s tomorrow! Elastigirl will be front and center in this new movie, and here at Oya Costumes, we can’t wait to see it. 14 years is a long time to wait for a sequel–plus, a new Incredibles movie means an excuse to wear your favorite superhero costume. If you’re impatiently waiting too, check out our selection of Incredibles costumes, featured below, along with 10 reasons why we can’t wait for Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 superhero costume Elastigirl

© Disney Pixar

1-Female superheroes are in the spotlight with Elastigirl and Violet

Wonder Woman has a movie, Captain Marvel is coming out in 2019, and Supergirl has a TV show… after decades of male-dominated superhero movies, female superheroes are finally getting their turn in the spotlight. Elastigirl is the true heroine of this new Incredibles movie, and we’re here for it!

In the past couple of years, an incredible number of superhero movies have been released, and it’s safe to say that audiences are getting a little tired of some tropes introduced by these movies. A handsome, unambiguously good, white, male superhero struggles to hide his identity and win the approval of the public, cracks some jokes, and eventually saves the world from evil. He sometimes wears underwear over his superhero costume (we’re looking at you, Superman) and usually gets the girl in the process, too. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Ghost Rider, Thor, Captain America…They’ve all done it.

Same heroine, new superhero costume, modern narrative:

Elastigirl superhero costume

Source:  © Disney Pixar

Today, movies like last year’s Wonder Woman, which featured a strong, independent female hero, or this year’s Deadpool 2, which broke the fourth wall and quite a few superhero movie conventions, and of course Black Panther, starring not only a black superhero, but also an inspiring cast of strong, no-nonsense female characters, seem like a breath of fresh air. The original Incredibles movie already had strong female characters—Elastigirl’s character hasn’t really changed since 2004—, but this time, they really get to shine.

This is especially important when you think about what kind of role models these movies provide for young audiences. Of course, children and adults alike are excited to see this long-awaited Incredibles sequel, as fans who were children in 2004 have now grown up, but Incredibles 2 remains a family movie. And, after Hollywood was shaken by the #MeToo movement, it is becoming increasingly important to teach our children about gender equality. Movies like Incredibles 2 teach children that both little boys and little girls can put on a superhero costume, and that it doesn’t matter whether Mom has the cool job while Dad stays at home, or vice versa.

2-Edna Mode is back in the Incredibles 2

It’s been too long, dahling! Voiced by director Jack Bird himself, Edna Mode has become one of the most iconic Pixar characters of all time. If anything, you probably remember her from her motto (“No capes!”), or the oh-so-quotable scene where she motivates Elastigirl (‘My God, pull yourself together! You are Elastigirl!”) In the new movie, we learn that the superhero costume designer is of Japanese-German descent, and fans look forward to learning more about her. Not to mention, she’s not the one designing Elastigirl’s superhero costume this time, which should bring an interesting kind of rivalry to the movie.

Fans were delighted to see the fashion designer and auteur in a featurette. It included clips and interviews from fashion insiders such as Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum, or Zac Poseh who raved about the character and her designs. We can only hope that the new movie will also heavily feature Edna’s line of clothing and her superhero costumes.

Edna Mode Incredibles3-“The baby has powers!”

Viewers already knew that, but it looks like the Incredibles will finally get to see him in action. The youngest of the Parr children, Jack-Jack is a superpowered baby, which makes him constantly unpredictable, sometimes a bit dangerous, and devilishly funny. In the first Incredibles movie, the Parr family is unaware of Jack-Jack’s powers, even though Edna designs him a superhero costume. In Incredibles 2, they struggle to contain their little darling and his wild assortment of superpowers; of course, hilarity ensues. In the trailer, you can see little Jack-Jack use laser vision, shape shifting, combustion, teleportation, levitation and more. Can’t wait to see what other antics the young superhero gets up to? Check the new movie with a Incredibles superhero costume!

Jack Jack supehero Incredibles costume4-“Where’s my supersuit?”

He finally found his supersuit! Although it doesn’t look like Honey is going to let her super-husband off the hook that easily, as we hear her yelling “Where are you going, ASAP? You better be back, ASAP!” in the trailer. Voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, Frozone is a fan favorite character, and one that everyone is looking forward to seeing on our screens again—in normal clothes or in a superhero costume.

Frozone superhero costume5-The Incredibles’ costumes look stunning

Talking about supersuits, the Incredibles’ costumes are looking pretty good! They  redesigned and updated Elastigirl’s superhero costume, of course, but hard work and dedication went into all the costumes. An amazing team of designers, including Bryn Imagire, Fran Kalal and Deanna Marsigliese, worked on the costumes for this new Incredibles movie. Their inspiration? Edna Mode, dahling. Obviously. For a female-fronted movie, this team of female designers couldn’t have been more perfect.

An article by Tony Bravo for the San Francisco Chronicle explains that “Like couturier Edna Mode, Kalal says that when designing for the film, the team thinks of the superpowered family and other heroic characters as “high-performance athletes.” In a film world dominated by superhero movies from Marvel and DC Comics that frequently feature heroines fighting bad guys in little more than a bustier and bracelets, it’s a novel and practical idea.”

And indeed, the Incredibles’ superhero costumes, just like the ones they wore in 2004 movie, are practical. Edna works not only as a costume designer, but also as a gadget designer—think Q in James bond. Elastigirl’s suit can stretch just as she does, “but still breathes like Egyptian cotton.” Violet’s superhero costume can disappear and withstand her force fields. In the original movie and in the sequel, the Incredibles’ costumes are high-tech and modern, all while including nods to traditional superhero costumes (including the infamous underwear-over-the-suit look), making them, well, incredible.

6-The animation looks amazing

All the costumes may not have been updated, but Fran Kalal and her design team worked hard to update the animation. They worked on the way the fabric moves and stretches and folds, and their hard work pays off. Of course, animation has come a long way in 14 years, so it’s no surprise that the Incredibles 2 visuals  look stunning. However, it’s still a pleasure to see the way the characters and the costumes are animated. Plus, like this article explains, a lot of work went into the animation–it’s hard not to be in awe.

Violet Incredibles superhero costume

We can’t wait to see the animation on Violet’s hair and force fields

7-You’ll get to see new Incredibles characters!

More supers means more fun! While the movie still focuses on the Parr family, the trailers reveal quite a few new characters. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to meet them! Voyd is part of a team of “wannabe” superheroes that Elastigirl meets for her new job. We’ll also get to see The Indestructible Brick, The High-Flying Screech,  Super Senior Reflux, Krushauer, and He-Lectrix. Everyone’s excited to see what role they’ll play in Incredibles 2!

Voyd Incredibles

Source: Twitter

8-We can’t wait to see Mr. Incredible as a stay at home dad

Elastigirl’s new job seems to include motorcycle chases and other impressive hero antics. Meanwhile,  Mr. Incredible puts aside his superhero costume to take care of the children. From math homework to an uncontrollable superpowered baby, will he be in over his head? In any case, judging by the Incredibles 2 trailer, seeing Mr. Incredible as an Incredible Dad is sure to be entertaining. As Edna Mode puts it “parenting done right is a heroic act”!

Mr. Incredible superhero costume9-Elastigirl will be facing a new supervillain

We don’t know much about Screenslaver, Incredibles 2’s brand new supervillain. Unlike Syndrome, he doesn’t wear a super hero costume, but a frightening mask with a mouthpiece. He also has  large goggles that seem to have the power of hypnotising people at a distance. Because of his name and of the way he uses media, early critics were quick to view Screenslaver’s character as an allegorical reference to our decade’s obsession with screens and social media. Will he be a cool new adversary for the Incredibles and their new allies, or part of a social commentary? You’ll find out tomorrow with the release of Incredibles 2!

10-You get to put on our own superhero costume

Incredibles 2 comes out tomorrow, and people could not be more enthusiastic. The best way to celebrate is to become an Incredible yourself and put on an Incredibles’ superhero costume! If you’re excited for the premiere, check out our selection of Incredibles costumes, featured throughout this article. Just remember: No capes!

Elastigirl superhero costume